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Any time you work with me, you get my business coaching and consulting skills. I can’t turn them off; they’re part of my DNA. But sometimes people come to me thinking they want to write a book, and we realize they have foundational work to do first. They may need to clarify their thought leadership platform, to align certain aspects of their business, or to improve business performance.

In that case we shift to business coaching.

Refresh Your Business VIP Day

canstockphoto31732927Occasionally you need to press the F5 button to “refresh” your computer screen. Periodically it helps to press F5 for your business too. This VIP Day provides you a full day dedicated to assessing your progress and refreshing your plans.

It enables you to:

  • Clarify your business goals and assess your progress
  • Assess your market and product/service offerings
  • Identify potential changes and paths forward
  • Prioritize your plans (including where a book might fit in!)

Objective perspective and expert guidance will help you sharpen your focus and move forward with confidence.

In Focus Business Coaching

The In Focus program offers three months of private coaching to help you develop or refresh your strategic plan and begin implementation. It includes a full VIP day, six 1-hour private coaching & consulting calls, inspiration calls for getting unstuck, email access, and work materials such as proprietary templates.

You benefit from:

  • 1:1 guidance with an objective, external perspective
  • Clarification of your goals, market, message, and offerings
  • Development of your strategic business plan
  • A map forward with actionable steps to take

At the end of this program, you’ll see clearly where your business is headed.

Integral Business Coaching

canstockphoto14954542The Integral program offers six months of private coaching to help you develop or refresh your strategic plan, move forward with implementation, and articulate and integrate your thought leadership message.

It includes everything in the In Focus program PLUS:

  • Three more months of private coaching & consulting calls
  • Additional inspiration calls for help getting unstuck
  • Strategic development of and editorial feedback on thought leadership messaging

In addition to the benefits found in the In Focus program, you’ll also gain further traction implementing your business plan and a robust understanding of how your thought leadership message fits into your business strategy.

With a solid thought leadership platform built, you may be ready for a book next…

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Clients & Colleagues Speak

“Don’t be fooled by Karin’s thoughtful, quiet, unruffled demeanor. Underneath, there is a superhero at work. Although you may not see her action-figure cape, her bias for action in moving a client’s success forward is always there.” —Charles Gupton, Charles Gupton Productions

“Karin’s gentle and firm coaching has completely transformed the business life of this creative and scattered writer and teacher. ... I’m so looking forward to the leaps and bounds and transformations this year as I continue to work with her! I really don’t know why I didn’t do this before.”—Marjorie Hudson, author, creative writing teacher

“I achieved a new level of clarity in putting things together, articulating how I work with my clients, and creating consistent messaging. I feel much more comfortable and confident now in how I approach different markets.” —Bill Brown, BD Brown Communications

“I came to know Karin as a strategist and writer with extensive knowledge of business, marketing, writing and editing. But now that I’ve worked with her on several book projects, I also know her as an excellent coach and developmental consultant.” —Rita Lewis, independent writer & editor

“Karin is fantastic to work with and is outstanding at what she does. Her knowledge of strategic planning, her excellent communication skills, and her efficiency and effectiveness produced great results.” —Beth McGovern, CA Commission on the Status of Women

“Karin guided me through the maze of applying for a VA Grant. Her help and advice were invaluable… I would not have made it through the 6 month process without her support.” —Tonya Logan, Des Moines Rowing Club

“Karin is a thoughtful, focused and dedicated professional who can help you ‘see’ and develop your ideas into a clear plan. She has a great capacity for strategic thinking. She is a great person to collaborate with and is always looking for the positive in others…” —Chris McKittrick, AICPA, NCSU

“Karin is a true strategist who can distill down the essence of a situation effectively and efficiently. … She is comfortable in all situations and has a wonderful way of expressing her thoughts…” —Joe Syrowik, AICPA