Alan HofflerHiring Karin put an amazing publishing team on my side. I got a project manager, setting dates, priorities, dependencies, and schedules. I got a business manager, someone who took the time to understand the bigger goals at stake and offer advice on integrating my content into the context of my business. I got a ghost writer who managed some tough passages with my words even when I didn’t know I had words. I got an editor, who conjugated my verbs, undangled my participles, and cut the fluff to reduce my content by a third and still get the message out. I got a brand expert, who preserved my tone and voice while organizing content. I got a promoter in someone who connected me to larger audiences, and created materials that summarized and plugged my project. I got a print advisor with expertise in navigating the publishing tools we used. And even I had a cheerleader, celebrating my victories and giving me a pep talk when things got bogged down, providing me with the belief that I really could complete the book.

I got this team all with one person. Simply put, my book never would have gotten published without Karin.