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Testimonials & Kind Words from Clients

Mallika Paulraj, investing expert

Mallika Paulraj

I knew I needed to get this book done—I had all the material and my clients kept asking for it. But it just wasn’t happening, so I reached out to Karin for coaching.

She gave me the plan, accountability, and encouragement I needed to focus and pound through the first draft in a fairly short amount of time. Her editorial comments went far beyond what I expected and really helped me structure my book with my readers in mind.

I’ve so enjoyed working with her—and I am already planning my next book!

Mallika Paulraj runs London-based Four Minute Investing, where her mission is to educate people about investing, using humor and practicality. She’s working on her first book, How the Best Invest: Make Confident Decisions Like the Investing Superstars. Having read early drafts, I am itching to get my hands on the final product and will post a link when it’s available!

John McNeil, speaker and educator

John McNeil

Breathe Freedom book cover

Breathe Freedom

After years of working on this book and having problems with a prior publisher, Karin helped me finally get it into the world.

From the first time we met, she understood what I needed and I knew I could have confidence in her.

She and her publishing company were amazing to work with, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

John’s book is a memoir of defending himself in a stand-your-ground state and his subsequent arrest, imprisonment, and release. John has been featured in many media outlets and speaks regularly about his experience with the justice system. Breathe Freedom will be available July 1 on Amazon,, and other online retailers. More information about John and his story can be found on his website.

Philippos Aristotelous, consultant, speaker, coach

Philippos Aristotelous

The MARVEL of Engagement

While doing some research on how to publish my first book and how to select an editor, I came across a really interesting blog post Karin wrote. I sent an email inquiry and just a few hours later received Karin’s reply. I was truly impressed by her initial response to an otherwise plain-vanilla inquiry about a fee for editing the draft manuscript of my book. Karin invested effort to perform background research on me, checking my website and blog to see what I and my business are all about. The result? A fully customised and value-centred approach that left me with no option but to retain her to edit my book as well as help with production.

Well worth it is all I can say. Karin took me by the hand from day one, guided me throughout the incredible learning experience of writing and publishing a book, and helped me bring this project to fruition. Karin’s genuine care, passion, dedication and professionalism in her art cannot be overstated.

After a fifteen-year career at Cyprus’s largest law firm, Philippos Aristotelous is now a business strategist who helps organisations prepare for the future of work and the challenges posed by technology. (He also has a few magic tricks up his sleeve.) His book The MARVEL of Engagement: Turning Passive Employees into Active Ambassadors is available on Amazon. 

Stephanie Scotti, business speaking coach

Stephanie Scotti

Talk on Water

When I first started working on my book, I wondered if had anything valuable to share. I wanted to do more than just write a book—I wanted to make a difference. My problem was the curse of knowledge: I’d been doing my work for so long that I’d become unclear about what differentiated me from other communication and speaking experts.

Karin listened closely to how I work and gave me context and validation about what made me different: my attention to mindset and business results. And now readers are telling me that’s exactly what resonates most about the book. This insight and clarity has helped me connect better to myself, my message, and my audience. (If you read the book, you’ll understand the importance.)

Karin’s integrity, her ability to capture my voice, her commitment to quality and continuous learning, her equally dedicated team… This book project wasn’t just a job—it was a commitment to my success, and it mirrored how I work with my own clients. If you’re just trying to get your book done, Karin might not be the best fit for you, but she’s the perfect fit when you are looking for excellence.

Visit Professionally Speaking to learn more about Stephanie and how she helps business leaders and executives across industries prepare for high-stakes presentations. I’ve worked with her myself, and can tell you she’s great! Find her book on Amazon,, and other online booksellers.

Rachel Downey, business guide

Rachel Downey

Writing a book is hard emotional work. I don’t know how anyone does it without a coach!

Working with Karin gave me the accountability I needed along with the space to go through my own journey to vulnerably share my ideas in writing. She assured me my angsts were normal and that I would find my way.

I look forward to putting my book out into the world!

Rachel Downey is the Business Guide for Wayward Entrepreneurs, helping owners of small businesses navigate the wilderness and get back on the path they’re destined for. Her consulting work leverages her success building Guide Studio, a wayfinding, branding, and communications firm.

Maryann Locaparra (Patalano), New Thought leader

Maryann Patalano

The Peephole Effect

Karin has demonstrated an extraordinary caring and commitment to my project and my success. Her skills, insight and planning ability resulted in a project that was easy for me follow and understand. As an author, I consider Karin to be an invaluable resource in both the publishing side and the business side of the process. She is the complete package. In fact, I have already hired her to lead my next project!

Visit Maryann’s website to learn more about Maryann, her services, and New Thought principles. Maryann’s new book, The Peephole Effect, is now available on Amazon.

Annelies Gentile, life and leadership coach

Annelies Gentile

From Chaos to Calm

Writing this book was like wrestling a huge monster! I needed a team to get going, and a patient, kind, and methodical plan.

I couldn’t have pushed START without Karin. She is so good at helping reveal the deeper context; she helped me get clear on why I was writing this book in the first place.

Karin helps you take the whine out of writing a book—she’s a freakin’ rockstar!

Annelies Gentile is a life and leadership coach, consultant, facilitator, speaker, process artist, world traveler, and trusted guide for people facing personal and professional transition. Visit Conduit for Change to learn more about her services, and visit Amazon to read more about her book From Chaos to Calm: Leading Change from the Inside Out.

Alan Hoffler, speaker and communication coach

Alan Hoffler

presentation sin book cover

Presentation Sin

Hiring Karin put an amazing publishing team on my side.

I got a project manager, setting dates, priorities, dependencies, and schedules. I got a business manager, someone who took the time to understand the bigger goals at stake and offer advice on integrating my content into the context of my business. I got a ghostwriter who managed some tough passages with my words even when I didn’t know I had words. I got an editor, who conjugated my verbs, undangled my participles, and cut the fluff to reduce my content by a third and still get the message out. I got a brand expert, who preserved my tone and voice while organizing content. I got a promoter in someone who connected me to larger audiences, and created materials that summarized and plugged my project. I got a print advisor with expertise in navigating the publishing tools we used.

And even I had a cheerleader, celebrating my victories and giving me a pep talk when things got bogged down, providing me with the belief that I really could complete the book.

I got this team all with one person. Simply put, my book never would have gotten published without Karin.

Visit MillsWyck Communications to learn more about Alan’s services. Visit Amazon to read reviews of Presentation Sin: The Practical Guide to Stop Offending (and Start Impressing) Your Audience.

Becky Sansbury, speaker and consultant

Becky Sansbury testimonials

Becky Sansbury

Becky Sansbury After the SHOCK cover. final version

After the Shock

The stories of crisis and resilience that I had observed and experienced over the years might have gone untold if it weren’t for my collaborator and editor, Karin. She gently drew out the raw information, then worked with me to shape it and put it on the page in a way readers would understand and embrace. Every revision better captured my voice and strengthened my message.

Karin has an amazing talent for seeing the big picture and fitting the puzzle pieces together, while looking at the details to make sure each word does its job. She pushed and challenged me to create the best book possible. On top of all that she held my hand through the entire creative process, including those scary parts in the middle where a project can feel overwhelming and confidence can falter. Not only am I grateful, but so are the readers who describe my book as their guide through scary times, their virtual arms of comfort. Without Karin, that comfort might never have been available.

Visit Becky’s website to learn more about her services, and visit Amazon for After the Shock: Getting You Back on the Road to Resilience When Crisis Hits You Head On.

Betty Morton, leadership, life and spiritual coach

Betty Morton

Karin is helping me find my written voice—to move from literary shyness to boldly sharing my story and ideas.

She is an insightful, respectful editor who brings my voice to clarity and lifts my writing to new levels.

Karin is smart, and she works fast.

I tell every emerging writer I know about her, and I recommend her without reservation.


If you’re looking for a life, leadership, or spiritual coach, I couldn’t recommend anyone with more presence than Betty. Learn more about Betty’s coaching practice at Rise Coaching LLC.

Jonathan Alcott, entrepreneur and philanthropist

Jonathan Alcott

Jonathan Alcott

Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World, available on Amazon

Wouldn’t Have Missed It for the World

When I started writing my memoirs, I just started writing, which seemed like the normal thing to do, right? Wrong! After I had exhausted all the stories I could remember, I had pages that didn’t make for good reading. They lacked a story line from beginning to end.

I heard about Karin and arranged for her to get me back on track. She rearranged, pushed, pulled and cut until the book started taking shape. She had me write some additional lines in just the right places to broaden the stories. I really like what she did for me.

I’m working on another book, and I hope Karin will be there!

Visit Jonathan’s website for more information. Visit Amazon to read more about Wouldn’t Have Missed It for the World: Memoir of a Small-Town Boy Who Dreamed of Success and Achieved It.

Linda Gupton, brand storyteller

Linda Gupton

When you’re writing about a subject that you know really well, it’s almost impossible to tell if you’ve said too much on one topic or not enough on another. Have you clearly explained a concept in a way a novice on the subject will understand?

Karin provided an outside perspective to help me see my book through the eyes of my reader, identifying where the content was unclear, repetitive, or confusing.

Every writer needs a great editor!

Linda and her husband, Charles Gupton, help businesses tell their brand story through video, photography, and words. Visit, where you will find beautiful examples of the Guptons’ work. And watch for Linda’s book, Story First, coming soon!

A. Charles, author and life coach

A. Charles testimonials

A. Charles

Owning Ourselves, available on Amazon

Owning Ourselves

When I decided to go the self-publishing route in 2015, there were two things (and only two things) I knew from the start. One, I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and make lots of rookie mistakes by doing this myself. And two, I didn’t want to be just another cog in someone else’s big self-publishing machine.

Karin was the perfect solution and fit for me. She worked flexibly and closely with me throughout the editing, formatting and publishing process. She has a working network of related professionals (proof readers, graphic designers, etc.) who pitched in seamlessly to pull the finished product together in a timely and first rate style. With keen insights and gentle suggestions, Karin was able to help me transform my good book into a much better one. It was an amazing process.

Currently I’m hard at work into my second book. I’m looking forward to working with Karin again to bring out its best.

Visit A. Charles’s website for more information. Visit Amazon for reviews of Owning Ourselves: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Western Mind.

Marjorie Hudson, author, creative writing teacher

Marjorie Hudson

Karin’s gentle and firm coaching has completely transformed the business life of this creative and scattered writer and teacher. I learned bookkeeping! It turns out I kind of enjoy it. Karin’s method of regular meetings, assessments, and goal setting have helped me stay accountable to my goals, and she has been a compassionate guide for me on my hot button issues—money, fees, organization, communication.

I’ve learned something quite profound: even a feisty, self-directed creative person needs help, all kinds of help, to run a business and achieve challenging goals. I’m learning to seek out and find help for all the things I’ve been putting off for years. I’m so looking forward to the leaps and bounds and transformations this year as I continue to work with her! I really don’t know why I didn’t do this before.

Visit Marjorie’s website to learn more about her books, creative writing workshops and coaching, and availability for speaking engagements.

Eric Larsen, executive coach

Eric Larsen, Larsen Group

Eric Larsen, Larsen Group

As a coach myself, I appreciated Karin’s approach. What she brought in her specialty area (coaching writers) was an absolute difference-maker and something I had never experienced. Karin understands more than the grammar and style elements of writing.

First, during our discovery session and kick-off call she helped me brainstorm ideas as well as discuss the various avenues for publishing a book. Then, during our VIP Day Karin helped me take these ideas and narrow them down to a coherent theme and set of supporting ideas that will make for a very good book. Her insights as to what was already available on bookshelves opened up my eyes to seeing where my book would fill a void that exists now. And she was instrumental in determining both the audience and the buyer for my book, an important distinction that I hadn’t considered.

Finally, Karin’s detailed documentation of everything we discussed as well as her organization of my thoughts and concepts gave me the structure on which to build my book. Karin also offered several techniques that I have been using to keep this project moving forward. Her positive but firm attitude made all of this work a pleasure.

Visit Larsen Group for more information on Eric’s executive coaching services and his team of professional coaches.

Bill Brown, technology consultant and fractional CTO

Bill Brown, BD Brown Communications

Bill Brown, BD Brown Communications

When you go looking for something, you may find something else. When I first came to Karin, I thought I was ready to write a book. She quickly helped me realize I would benefit more from business coaching—there was a lot of “clearing” that had to happen. In our VIP Day we developed a solid draft business plan, and during our coaching sessions the dots got even more connected. I achieved a new level of clarity in putting things together, articulating how I work with my clients, and creating consistent messaging. I feel much more comfortable and confident now in how I approach different markets. Our time really set me up; now it is all about execution. I only wish I could hire Karin to stay around all the time!

Visit Bill’s LinkedIn profile to learn how he can help your business effectively use technology and integrate it with leadership and communication.

Van Carpenter, chief creative officer

photo of Van Carpenter

Van Carpenter

As a creative person and coach myself, it is sometimes difficult to let people help me, particularly in deciding on business direction.

Karin rescued me from my own complex and creative obfuscations and wisely led me down a path to clarity about what I wanted to do. She accomplished this with great listening skills, targeted strategic questions, and a special knack of knowing what I wanted despite what I was saying! She is a great mix of business strategist, coach, and trusted advisor.

I heartily recommend Karin if you need coaching and advice to get “unstuck” and start moving in a new business direction with clarity and purpose.

Van is founder and chief creative officer of the WHY NOT Creative Group, where he offers speaking, facilitation, and advisory services. Find out more on the Really Why Not website.

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Reviews of Talk on Water

Reviews of The Peephole Effect

“What a great book! Such a fresh take on the “you create your own reality” spiritual lesson. ... Maryann Patalano’s metaphor of a peephole—the lens we construct to view the world—is dead on. Once she introduces that image, and uses it to illustrate how it limits our view of ourselves and others, we GET that if we’ve constructed a peephole that doesn’t do us much good, we can REconstruct it. ... If you want to change, this is the book for you.”

“Maryann Patalano has delivered something elegant in its simplicity, yet deep enough to satisfy the hardcore spiritualist. Her explanation of how thoughts manifest into things is powerfully presented, well thought out, and downright inspiring!”

The Peephole Effect is an easy-to-read, powerful book in which Universal Principles of Truth are made very clear, leading to understanding, which brings results. Maryann is down-to-earth in recognizing the growth opportunities we often face, while remaining true to her perception of our unwavering spiritual ability to change, grow, and heal. She tell us how to do it. The message is very clear!”

Reviews of Presentation Sin

“Anyone who has any need to communicate with anyone else needs to read this book. It is clear, insightful, and actionable information.”

“Extremely well written in a style that was easy for anyone to get a better handle on this topic.”

“This book will help you go from good to great as a speaker. ... Buy it now and raise your game.”

“Fantastic book! Wonderful flow makes this an easy read. I appreciate the humor and use of stories to illustrate the points in the book.”

“Hoffler’s book is smart, intelligent, and worth the read!”

“Although based on a lot of research and experience, this is an easy to read book. The difficult part is one’s willingness to let go of bad habits and seek to improve by putting into practice the author’s suggestions.”

Reviews of After the Shock

“Becky’s work is profound, well-informed, simple, and written for the friend of a person who is facing trauma or for a person who going through a difficult spot. I highly recommend this fresh, informative, practical, and compassionate work!”

“I love this book. I am a pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician who is frequently involved in working with people who are in the middle of life crisis. ... I will be recommending this enthusiastically both to families and to my colleagues.”

“Whether you are looking for some REAL steps to take to get yourself back on track OR looking to help someone else, Becky Sansbury has delivered an amazing resource.”

“There are no rose-colored glasses in Sansbury's approach. Instead she uses wisdom gained from years of hospice chaplaincy and professional experience, combined with a wonderful story telling approach, to help anyone gain the road to resiliency. Sansbury has included practical charts, checklists, and white space for reflection as well as all sorts of summaries and notes so readers can quickly find the part of the book they need at that moment.”

“Have your highlighter ready when you read! This book is a gem.”

“What an insightful book! ... After the Shock is not a clinical tome nor a psychology textbook; it is a compilation of stories and clearly explained examples with which the reader can readily identify.”

“The book is organized and written extremely well and it’s easy to read with exercises for reflection. Having recently gone through multiple major life events, I can honestly say that this book should be on every night stand or coffee table and perhaps be reviewed on a yearly basis.”

“I’m MORE normal than I thought... So far, I have only read through the overview and I see myself on every single page.”

Reviews of Wouldn’t Have Missed It for the World

“The view into Jonathan's life and world shows vulnerability and a healthy dose of success. Good read.”

“This guy did not fall in love with the world but his dreams. Oh, to have known him as a small young boy. A must read for all, especially the young at heart.”

Reviews of Owning Ourselves

“Grab your copy to enjoy the beauty of language.”

“The words of A. Charles read as if one were having coffee with a beloved friend for the first time in years.”

“ times when reading the book I would stop and grin because it made me happy to learn of the possibility of a new path...”

“A. Charles has a unique ability to use language that connects to our experiences, even through the time and distance a book demands.”

“The ideas in the book were presented clearly and I felt almost as if I were sitting in a room listening to the author while reading his book.”

“What a refreshing and practical guide to help us on this journey called life.”