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As an experienced leader, whether a consultant, coach, entrepreneur, or other professional, you’ve seen how your message can transform people. Your words and actions make a difference for the people around you. Now you want—you feel the need—to reach a bigger audience. You’re ready to write a book.

The problem is, you can’t seem to get your message on the page. You’ve got an idea but aren’t sure where to start or how to flesh it out. Or you’ve got a draft but don’t know if it’s making your point effectively. Or you’re so busy running your business that you can’t find time to write. You may even feel guilty that you haven’t written your book and simultaneously feel guilty about dedicating time to writing it!

You are not alone.

At Clear Sight Books my passion is to help you find your core message, and then structure, shape, and publish that message.

How Clear Sight Books Can Help

When you work with Clear Sight Books, you and I start our work together one-on-one.

  • If you want a collaborator, I will ghostwrite or we will write your book together.
  • If you’ve got a draft manuscript that needs some TLC, I will do a rewrite or substantive edit on it.
  • If you want to write your book, I will coach you through it.

Together we’ll develop a strong, compelling voice that lets you reach your intended audience.

Once you’ve got a strong manuscript ready to go, we’ll work with a talented team of editors and designers to publish it. Your words turn into a tangible product.

During our book project, I integrate business coaching as appropriate, and I also offer business coaching independent of book projects.

To learn more about specific services, visit Work with Karin.

Ready to talk?

I invite you to contact me ( or 919.609.2817) for a complimentary one-hour discovery session to discuss your goals and challenges. If my solutions are a fit, I’ll let you know; and if they’re not, I’ll do my best to point you to other resources. Either way, I encourage you to write your book. You have a voice that others need to hear.

Still deciding whether to write a book?

Writing a book is a significant investment of time, energy, and possibly money. Take the time to understand the benefits and the effort before you start. Then when you’re ready, you’ll know what you’re committing to and can jump in with both feet.

Business Benefits of Writing a Book

On a strategic business level, publishing a book increases your credibility and authority, which offers the opportunity for:

  • Easier Business Development – The solid proof of your expertise reassures prospective clients and professional partners that you’re the one they want to work with. As one Clear Sight Books client says, “The sales conversation changes.”
  • Increased Professional Fees – Consultants, coaches, speakers, and similar professionals typically can charge higher rates when they have a published book. For speakers in particular, having a book is a prime differentiator in being selected to keynote a conference and the amount you can charge.
  • Greater Influence – Your book can help position you as a thought leader in your industry or profession. As a result, you may find increased opportunities to share your ideas, not only through your book, but through more speaking engagements, requests for interviews, or invitations to write articles for broader audiences.

Of course, those benefits require some intentional actions on your part (like raising your fees), but consider: how might your career advance if you had a book? Or do a quick calculation: how much would your revenue grow if your close rate increased 10% and you increased your professional fees 10%? or 15% or 20%? (Those are fairly conservative figures.)

Personal Benefits of Writing a Book

The business benefits are nice, but in my observation, the personal benefits of writing a book can be even bigger.

What I often find is that clients feel they have accomplished something meaningful. They find a sense of completion. They feel they’ve fulfilled a critical purpose.

One Clear Sight Books client described it like this: “I had so many stories to tell that could help so many people… If I hadn’t written my book, it would have been like dying with the music still inside me.”

When clients gain that sense of wholeness, an amazing light starts to shine in them. Not only have they given their message a chance to take flight, but they’ve discovered new power in themselves. And that benefits all areas of their lives.

What It Takes to Write a Book

Writing a book is no trivial task. From scarce time to shaky skill to fear of the blank page, most of us face writing challenges.

Before you write, the more clarity you have on your audience, your goals, and how you plan to use your book, the easier the book-development process becomes.

Then, on a purely practical level, you can anticipate 200 to 300 hours of writing time for a 50,000-word nonfiction business book. Let me stress: This is a ballpark range—your mileage may vary, potentially dramatically. The time it takes you to write will depend on the length of book you decide to write, how well you know your content, and your interest and skill in the actual writing process.

Then there’s the editing process (beta readers? revisions? Oxford comma or no Oxford comma?)…

…and publishing process (self-publishing, or traditional publishing? cover design? interior design? ebook version?)…


Can you do it yourself? Yes, you absolutely can if you have the time, skill, and fortitude.

If you’d prefer some help…

I encourage you to get in touch ( or 919.609.2817) for a complimentary one-hour discovery session. I’m not the right fit for everyone, so let’s talk and find out if I’m the right fit for you.

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Clients & Colleagues Speak

“Karin’s approach is dynamic and thoughtful. She knows how to work with clients to identify and hone their message, how to help them draw conceptual gold to the surface and craft it into a beautifully structured book. She knows when to zoom in and support, when to pull back and let the client process, when to listen and when to talk. The results are collaborative and nothing short of amazing.” —Rita Lewis, independent writer and editor

“Karin has an amazing talent for seeing the big picture and fitting the puzzle pieces together, while looking at the details to make sure each word does its job. She pushed and challenged me to create the best book possible.” —Becky Sansbury, speaker and consultant

“I achieved a new level of clarity in putting things together, articulating how I work with my clients, and creating consistent messaging. I feel much more comfortable and confident now in how I approach different markets.” —Bill Brown, BD Brown Communications

“Karin was the perfect solution and fit for me. She worked flexibly and closely with me throughout the editing, formatting and publishing process. ... With keen insights and gentle suggestions, Karin was able to help me transform my good book into a much better one. It was an amazing process. —A. Charles, author and coach

“Simply put, my book never would have gotten published without Karin.” —Alan Hoffler, MillsWyck Communications

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