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Practical Tips for BIG Projects: Surv...

Practical Tips for BIG Projects: Surviving the PUSH

Recently I gave a nerve-wracking speech at a conference. I am a decent speaker, but speaking is not my primary gig, and this event took place on a whole new stage for me: there actually WAS a stage! We were in a hotel ballroom, with the raised platform stage (with steps up and down—don’t trip!), […]

How Energy Rituals Can Help You Write...

How Energy Rituals Can Help You Write: Going Beyond the Standard Butt-in-Chair Advice

Writers have long been told to create rituals around writing. Sit your butt in the chair at 9am daily and the muse will eventually show up. Commit to a specific wordcount per day, no more, no less. Before you begin to write, visualize your book on the bookstore shelf. There’s nothing wrong with that advice. […]