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Ghostwriting & Custom Collaborations

Whether you are ready to invest in ghostwriting so you can stay focused on your core business or you want a strong partner to help develop your concepts, Clear Sight Books can help.

In a custom co-writing collaboration I work with you side-by-side from the initial strategy phases through publication of your book. I do most of the writing, sometimes called “ghostwriting.” However, you remain intimately involved in the process, preserving your unique voice.

A custom co-writing or ghostwriting collaboration includes:

  • Strategy – Definition of your book strategy and how it supports your business or thought leadership strategy
  • Content – Collaborative drafting and development of your book
  • Craft – Hands-on refinement of your book as we write, then a full line edit and proofreading
  • Publishing – Interior design, cover design, ebook creation, and marketing guidance

Benefits of Collaboration

The benefits can be tremendous:

  • You save hundreds of hours of writing time, which allows you to stay focused on your primary business
  • Your ideas are captured and collaboratively developed so they shine
  • You can monitor and feel good about the quality of the final product from content to presentation
  • You can rest assured the final product will genuinely be your book—a true reflection of what you mean to say

Interested in collaborating?

This sort of book collaboration or ghostwriting requires a significant investment of time and energy on my part. As a result, I take a very limited number of clients who I believe will succeed in a creative partnership.

If you are intellectually and emotionally invested in making sure your book reflects you and your message but have limited time to invest, let’s talk about this option.

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Clients & Colleagues Speak

“Karin’s approach is dynamic and thoughtful. She knows how to work with clients to identify and hone their message, how to help them draw conceptual gold to the surface and craft it into a beautifully structured book. She knows when to zoom in and support, when to pull back and let the client process, when to listen and when to talk. The results are collaborative and nothing short of amazing.” —Rita Lewis, independent writer and editor

“Karin has an amazing talent for seeing the big picture and fitting the puzzle pieces together, while looking at the details to make sure each word does its job. She pushed and challenged me to create the best book possible.” —Becky Sansbury, speaker and consultant

“I achieved a new level of clarity in putting things together, articulating how I work with my clients, and creating consistent messaging. I feel much more comfortable and confident now in how I approach different markets.” —Bill Brown, BD Brown Communications

“Karin was the perfect solution and fit for me. She worked flexibly and closely with me throughout the editing, formatting and publishing process. ... With keen insights and gentle suggestions, Karin was able to help me transform my good book into a much better one. It was an amazing process. —A. Charles, author and coach

“Simply put, my book never would have gotten published without Karin.” —Alan Hoffler, MillsWyck Communications