For Love and Money: Business Professionalism for Writers

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Thanks for attending (or watching) my session at the NC Writers’ Network Fall Conference! I hope you found it helpful.

Here are the handouts and templates I promised. Feel free to use the templates as a starting place and then make them your own, but please don’t distribute these documents to others. They are for your use as an attendee. Thanks! –Karin Wiberg

Slide Deck

This PDF contains the slide deck I used:


This PDF includes:

  • Checklist for Being a Writing Professional – Use this to prioritize your next steps.
  • My Favorite “Professionalism” Tip – Any surprises?
  • Client Information & Checklist template – Includes time tracking, and, yes, I keep paper files on clients. 🙂
  • Month-end Checklist – I promise: having a month-end checklist makes your life easier. What else do you need to put on yours?

Simple Checklist

Here’s the shorter checklist handed out in class. What are your top 3 priorities?

Setting a Sustainable Hourly Rate

Based on our conversation about pricing, I made this short worksheet to help you think about setting a sustainable hourly rate. I hope it’s helpful!

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