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Manuscript Critique & Strategy Intensive

When you’re in the midst of writing a book, it can be difficult to remain objective about what’s working and what’s not. This intensive goes beyond a standard manuscript critique. You get not only my editorial skills but also my business strategy and coaching skills. Let’s take a look at your goals and whether your manuscript helps you achieve them.

Who this intensive is for

The Manuscript Critique & Strategy Intensive is for you if you have a full or partial draft manuscript of a nonfiction book that you are developing with a broader strategy in mind, such as to grow your business or position yourself for greater visibility. You may:

  • Have concerns whether the content supports your strategy,
  • Be puzzled how readers will perceive your book,
  • Feel uncertain how strong your writing is and whether you’re ready for an editor, and/or
  • Have questions about your book strategy overall, including but not limited to branding, marketing, and publishing.

I recommend this intensive before having your manuscript edited, so you know what type of editing is appropriate (developmental, line, copy) and you can decide whether to proceed with editing or to revise further.

What the intensive includes

The Manuscript Critique & Strategy Intensive includes:

  • An initial one-hour phone call to discuss your business goals and strategy, as well as your book goals and strategy
  • My review of your manuscript of up to 50k words
  • A written report assessing strategy, content, and craft and offering suggestions and recommendations to take your manuscript forward
  • Notations in the manuscript (using Track Changes) to make highlight key points, offer sample edits, or make suggestions (Note: This is NOT line editing, copy editing, or proofreading.)
  • After you receive my report, a one-hour debrief call to go over observations, answer questions, and discuss next steps
  • Email access for additional questions over the following two weeks
  • Audio recordings (MP3) of our calls if desired

I’ll be your thinking partner and moral support as you absorb feedback, ask questions, and sort through options. You’ll discover whether you’re on the right track so you can move forward with renewed confidence.

photo of Linda GuptonWhen you’re writing about a subject that you know really well, it’s almost impossible to tell if you’ve said too much on one topic or not enough on another. Have you clearly explained a concept in a way a novice on the subject will understand? Karin provided an outside perspective to help me see my book through the eyes of my reader, identifying where the content was unclear, repetitive, or confusing. —Linda Gupton

The timeframe

This intensive usually spans 2–3 weeks, depending on the length of the manuscript and your availability for strategy and coaching calls.

The investment

For up to 50k words, $1195 payable upfront via check or credit card. For more than 50k words, add $100 per additional 10k words.


Call or email me. I’m happy to set up time to talk.

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Clients & Colleagues Speak

“Karin’s approach is dynamic and thoughtful. She knows how to work with clients to identify and hone their message, how to help them draw conceptual gold to the surface and craft it into a beautifully structured book. She knows when to zoom in and support, when to pull back and let the client process, when to listen and when to talk. The results are collaborative and nothing short of amazing.” —Rita Lewis, independent writer and editor

“Karin has an amazing talent for seeing the big picture and fitting the puzzle pieces together, while looking at the details to make sure each word does its job. She pushed and challenged me to create the best book possible.” —Becky Sansbury, speaker and consultant

“I achieved a new level of clarity in putting things together, articulating how I work with my clients, and creating consistent messaging. I feel much more comfortable and confident now in how I approach different markets.” —Bill Brown, BD Brown Communications

“Karin was the perfect solution and fit for me. She worked flexibly and closely with me throughout the editing, formatting and publishing process. ... With keen insights and gentle suggestions, Karin was able to help me transform my good book into a much better one. It was an amazing process. —A. Charles, author and coach

“Simply put, my book never would have gotten published without Karin.” —Alan Hoffler, MillsWyck Communications

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