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Beyond the Expected: 4 Surprising Ben...

Beyond the Expected: 4 Surprising Benefits of Writing a Book

Business professionals considering writing a book tend to cite familiar rationales: to gain increased credibility and authority, a stronger speaking platform, or a valuable marketing tool. After publication, those perks often arrive—but sometimes the unexpected bonus shows up. Stephanie Scotti is the author of Talk on Water: Attaining the Mindset for Powerhouse Presentations. Since publishing […]

The Value of Visuals: A Guest Post fr...

The Value of Visuals: A Guest Post from Becky Sansbury

Welcome to guest blogger Becky Sansbury, author of After the Shock: Getting You Back on the Road to Resilience When Crisis Hits You Head On. Becky and I worked together for many months on her book. I can assure you she draws on deep personal and professional experience when she talks about crisis and resilience. […]

We Created THIS: The Joy of Tangible ...

I’ve spent much of my career doing intangible work: coaching and consulting, developing strategy, managing projects and people, testing IT systems, performing cost-benefit analyses…and on and on. On good days a system update would be released with no major mishaps, an employee would get a promotion, or a coaching client would have an Aha moment. […]