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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of books do you work on?

My primary focus is nonfiction books—typically business, personal development, or thought leadership books. Occasionally I stretch the boundaries, but there are other coaches and editors more suited to fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

What do you mean by “thought leadership”?

I see thought leaders as people who try to change the world for the better and want to inspire others to be change agents. The change can be at an intimate personal level, it might be a new way to look at a particular professional issue, or it might be aimed at global policy issues that need many voices participating in the discussion. I especially like working on change-the-world ideas, so if you’re writing a thought leadership book, let’s talk!

Do I really have anything to say that other people will want to listen to?

This is one of the most common fears I hear from clients. We all have something to say. Consider: It’s been said that there are only seven basic fiction plots (or some other small number), yet there are millions of novels out there—and we keep reading them. In nonfiction, even if you are saying something that others have said in the past, for a reader to feel the punch, there’s a magic combination of the right words at the right time in the right situation. You may have the magic combination for someone, but they can’t hear the message if you don’t put it out there.

If you edit, co-write, or ghostwrite my book, won’t it sound like you instead of me?

No. If I edit your work my goal is to retain your “voice” while polishing the language to make it easier for the reader to take in. When we co-write or I ghostwrite, I listen very closely to your language, often recording your speech so I can pick up your style, tone, and diction. And of course, you get to review all drafts and edits to tweak anything that doesn’t sound like you. Clients are often surprised how much a book sounds like them (but better!), and readers who know them say the same.

Isn’t getting help to write my book “cheating”?

If your goal is to write a book by yourself so you can say you did it, maybe; you might need to wrestle with your conscience on that one. But if your goal is to get your message into the world, no, it’s not cheating! We all have talents. You may be a great speaker but a lousy writer. You may be a fantastic thinker but don’t have hundreds of hours to dedicate to getting your ideas on the page. This is not a school exam. Getting help is not cheating.

Will you do my marketing for me?

While we’ll likely talk about marketing strategy, I won’t implement the marketing plan you develop. Many of my clients have their own marketing resources or staff; I am happy to offer strategy and suggestions when needed. My focus—my passion—is making your book content the best it can be.

Do you offer writing classes or critique groups?

At this time I only work with my book clients one-on-one. I’m exploring the possibility of developing a mastermind group; if that’s of interest, shoot me an email.

I do speak to organizations and networking groups about the business strategy of books, writing books, publishing books, and creative thinking. For more information, see the Speaking page.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept checks and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX).

Still have questions? Please contact me via phone or email!

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