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Why You Should Give Your Book Away (f...

Why You Should Give Your Book Away (for Free!)

In a recent discussion about writing books and using them as marketing tools, one participant asked, “Why should I give away my intellectual property?” After all, he argued, writing and publishing a book requires a significant investment of time, energy, and money—not to mention the hard-won professional experience behind it all. Indeed. On the whole, […]

Top 3 Investments for Self-published ...

Top 3 Investments for Self-published Authors

Recent question from the peanut gallery: If you invest in only three things as a self-published author, what should those things be? Okey doke. Let’s put a caveat on my answer right up front. Most of my clients are business professionals writing a book as part of their business strategy. They have valuable, book-worthy information […]

Advice for New Authors: Two #1 Lesson...

Advice for New Authors: Two #1 Lessons

I recently led a discussion with a group of professional speakers about writing a book as part of a business strategy. We didn’t have time to address all the questions submitted in advance, and these two related but distinct questions about advice for new authors got shelved: What’s your #1 piece of advice for new […]

Book Marketing? First, Answer These 4...

Book Marketing? First, Answer These 4 Strategy Questions

Grow your social media following. Give away free copies. Become a guest blogger. The number of possible book marketing tactics is overwhelming. Online articles can convince you to pursue tactics that ultimately don’t support your business goals or strategy. Take a step back and think about what marketing is intended to do. Marketing helps: make […]

Creative Satisfaction: Does Your Book...

Creative Satisfaction: Does Your Book Support Your Heart?

When I speak with potential clients or colleagues interested in writing a book, I often find they have several ideas and don’t know which book to write. I sometimes offer strategic advice with my business hat planted firmly on my head. Which idea aligns with your long-term goals? What topic does your client base ask […]

Print vs Digital: Three Strategic Rea...

Print vs Digital: Three Strategic Reasons to Publish Paper Books

I love books. I have shelves and shelves of books in the basement—not to mention assorted “pretty” books on display in the living room and stacks and stacks of to-be-read books in my office. Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to get rid of them and read everything on Kindle. And then I […]

Opportunity Cost: What’s the Tr...

Opportunity Cost: What’s the Trade-off for Your Book?

“You have one dollar,” our teacher said. “You can spend it on a comic book or on candy—but not both.” She let us think about our choice. “If you choose candy, you can’t have the comic book. And if you choose the comic book, no candy. Whichever item you don’t choose is your ‘opportunity cost.’” […]

How to Generate and Organize Ideas wi...

How to Generate and Organize Ideas with Affinity Mapping

So you have an idea for a book. You can see your title and your first paragraph AND NOTHING ELSE. The rest is an uncooperative snarl of shifting concepts that refuse to jump onto the screen and fall into a neat outline so you can begin. Enter affinity mapping, a quick way to brainstorm, categorize, […]

Lessons from a Poetry Submissions Par...

Lessons from a Poetry Submissions Party

This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon with my writing group submitting poetry to literary magazines. While many of us poets publish at least some work on our personal blogs, literary journals are the best way to increase the visibility of our poems and, of course, to build credentials toward one day publishing a “real” […]

Purpose: The Starting Place for Strat...

Purpose: The Starting Place for Strategic Alignment

When I talk with potential book clients, I begin by asking, Why do you want to write a book? What is your purpose in writing it? What do you want it to do for you? A book may support their business purpose, or their personal purpose—and ideally it supports both. And of course the book […]

Crafting Strategy: Visionary, Intuiti...

Crafting Strategy: Visionary, Intuitive, or Both?

In my first real corporate management job, I was tasked with guiding our operations leadership team through a strategic planning process. One of my older, wiser colleagues gave me a 1987 Harvard Business Review article called “Crafting Strategy” by Henry Mintzberg. His article resonated strongly with me and became a touchstone over the years. As […]

5 Surprising Uses for Business Books

5 Surprising Uses for Business Books

For business owners and entrepreneurs, writing a book has become a standard credibility builder and marketing tool. As a speaker, a book gets you on a bigger stage. As a consultant, a book opens doors. As a coach, a book helps potential clients see you as the right fit for them. In my work, I’ve […]