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Thought Leadership: Pretentious or Pr...

Thought Leadership: Pretentious or Profitable?

Recently seen on Twitter: “If you ever feel the need to unironically call yourself a ‘thought leader,’ please don’t.” (Umm, I cleaned up the language for polite company.) Is the phrase “thought leader” overused? Probably. Does it sound pretentious? Occasionally. Can it still be meaningful? Absolutely. Two Definitions of Thought Leadership In my reading, I […]

3 Ways to Create Bulk Book Sales

3 Ways to Create Bulk Book Sales

I frequently counsel clients not to worry excessively about book sales. For coaches, consultants, and speakers, the ROI on a nonfiction book often comes from gaining additional clients and/or raising professional fees more than it does from individual book sales. This is especially true if they have not yet achieved a broad base of potential […]

Does Your Book Quality Match Your Bra...

Does Your Book Quality Match Your Brand Promise?

When writing a book as part of your business growth strategy, your business will be judged on the quality of your book. As a result, your book quality should match your brand promise. Consider: When you shop for clothes, you likely visit different stores for different pieces. You go to the store whose brand, quality, […]

Speaking & Books: Magic Momentum

Speaking & Books: Magic Momentum

I recently realized that a full two-thirds of my book clients have been members of Toastmasters, the international organization that helps people learn public-speaking skills. It didn’t take long to figure out why: most of my clients are professional speakers or have public speaking as a significant part of their portfolio, along with consulting, coaching, […]

How Long Should Your Nonfiction Book ...

How Long Should Your Nonfiction Book Be?

A common question I get is “How long should my book be?” There are different answers for different genres, of course, but for my clients, we’re usually talking about business, thought-leadership, self-help, or professional-development books. To answer the immediate question, let’s look at some numbers. Then, more importantly, let’s talk strategy and consider some case […]

Book Sales Lagging? Maybe You Need a ...

Cows are indiscriminate in their eating habits, often swallowing foreign objects along with their food. When those foreign objects happen to be sharp metallic items such as nails, serious damage can be done to the cow’s digestive system and other organs. It is a huge potential problem, so how do farmers get the metal out? […]

The Building-Block Approach to Writin...

The Building-Block Approach to Writing a Book

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had several conversations with people interested in writing a book but not knowing where to start. The “where to start?” dilemma is nothing unusual, but in listening to them describe their situations, I noticed a pattern. I identified three different problems, but found myself giving all basically the same […]

Choosing a Business Book Topic

Choosing a Business Book Topic

A few years ago, I had a get-to-know-you coffee with someone I’d met through networking. He consulted with professional service firms (law, accounting, etc.) about business growth. As tends to happen with me, the conversation turned to books. “I want to write a book,” he said. “I think it would help grow my business. But […]