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Find Your Voice to Engage Your Reader...

Find Your Voice to Engage Your Readers

“Find your voice,” writers are often admonished. We think we know what voice is, yet somehow it can be elusive. So let’s consider voice as it concerns your business book. Voice and its value Voice is the unique blend of elements—style, syntax, diction—that gives your writing a certain sensibility. It makes your writing distinct, individual, […]

Lessons from a Poetry Submissions Par...

Lessons from a Poetry Submissions Party

This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon with my writing group submitting poetry to literary magazines. While many of us poets publish at least some work on our personal blogs, literary journals are the best way to increase the visibility of our poems and, of course, to build credentials toward one day publishing a “real” […]

Purpose: The Starting Place for Strat...

Purpose: The Starting Place for Strategic Alignment

When I talk with potential book clients, I begin by asking, Why do you want to write a book? What is your purpose in writing it? What do you want it to do for you? A book may support their business purpose, or their personal purpose—and ideally it supports both. And of course the book […]

Considering Scrivener? Here’s M...

Considering Scrivener? Here’s My (Cautious) Endorsement

If you’re working on a book, at some point you will curse the clunkiness of Word (too many clicks!) or the inadequacy of Google Docs (not enough functionality!). As your manuscript grows and morphs into sections and chapters, you will think, “There’s got to be a better way.” If you hang around other writers, you […]

My Top Business Writing Tips

My Top Business Writing Tips

Lately I’ve been fielding invitations to speak about general business writing—from talking with an NC State MBA class about making a strong business case to speaking with nonprofit arts organizations about writing strong grant applications. I realized I have some common principles for business writing that I consistently offer as feedback. First and foremost, whether […]

Crafting Strategy: Visionary, Intuiti...

Crafting Strategy: Visionary, Intuitive, or Both?

In my first real corporate management job, I was tasked with guiding our operations leadership team through a strategic planning process. One of my older, wiser colleagues gave me a 1987 Harvard Business Review article called “Crafting Strategy” by Henry Mintzberg. His article resonated strongly with me and became a touchstone over the years. As […]

Avoiding the Oops: 7 Speaking Tips fr...

Avoiding the Oops: 7 Speaking Tips from the Pros

If you’ve ever blushed at a professional mistake, how much would you give to avoid a repeat performance? Whatever your profession, it helps to have colleagues you can consult and learn from. I have an editor for business writing and a small group of writers for poetry critique. For speaking, I attend a Toastmasters club […]

The Secret to Earning Your Readers’ T...

The Secret to Earning Your Readers’ Trust

Welcome to guest blogger Rita Lewis! I recently wrote about the types of support you might need while working on a book project. If you hire only one person to help you, my top recommendation is an editor—and Rita is my editor, so I am delighted to have her sharing her advice here. When she’s […]

5 Surprising Uses for Business Books

5 Surprising Uses for Business Books

For business owners and entrepreneurs, writing a book has become a standard credibility builder and marketing tool. As a speaker, a book gets you on a bigger stage. As a consultant, a book opens doors. As a coach, a book helps potential clients see you as the right fit for them. In my work, I’ve […]

What Writers Can Learn from Artists: ...

What Writers Can Learn from Artists: Practice & Release

My friend Julie just started her final year of art school. Over the past three years she’s been blogging about her experience, and I’ve enjoyed watching her progress. After a recent touch-base, I started thinking about art—painting especially—and what lessons it can offer writers. I put my finger on two core principles: practice and release. […]

Book Project Support: What Do You Nee...

Book Project Support: What Do You Need?

The term “self-publishing” is a misnomer. Most of us lack the capacity—the entire range of necessary skills—to write and publish a book all on our own. Occasionally I come across a book where someone made the attempt, and the end result is almost always amateurish. Not what you want to send out into the world! […]

The Key Difference Between Speeches a...

The Key Difference Between Speeches and Books (& How to Plan for It)

Many of Clear Sight’s clients are both speakers and authors—not surprising, considering what speaking and writing have in common. Both benefit from strong storytelling, precise language, good construction, and unexpected imagery. There is a creative synergy as well as business synergy. However, there is one key difference between writing a book and giving a speech: […]